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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


"The world will be saved by the western woman". *Dalai Lama*

We'll fuse Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, and Group Sharing to create a safe space for all women.

Please bring:

yoga mat, journal / pen, musical instrument {if you wish}

Natural Concepts Revisited

142 International Speedway Boulevard 





NEW: Virtual retreats available from the comfort of your living room!

Or, let's plan ahead for the glorious day when travel is once again a huge part of our lives.

Where does your heart long to visit?

USA? Madagascar? Portugal? New Zealand? Seychelles?

The world is your oyster. Let's chat about your budget and time frame. Pick a place and I promise to deliver an unparalleled experience!



Beach Vacation


THE FREEDOM RETREAT - you deserve it!

Yoga - strengthen back muscles

Meditation - inner peace + gratitude

Self Care - practical ideas

Beach - fresh warm salt air + sunshine

Painting Class - spark creativity + fun

Meals - delicious + healthy food

Accommodations - quiet beachside home

Community - meet new friends

Hugs - it's about time!



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Together we'll explore luxurious SouthWest France.

Daily yoga & meditation practice + self care tips.

Explore local markets, quaint medieval towns, and museums.

Vineyard tour.

Private cookery course.

All day painting class.

Time for relaxation & retail therapy.

Meals, delicious local wine and more!



January 18, 2022 5-7pm

12 Days / 11 Nights

You Decide!


It was our first trip together and my sister and I chose an all inclusive yoga retreat in the South of France with Janet, my yoga teacher.  It was a wonderful experience for us both - beautiful location, fabulous day trips, daily yoga, and amazing food and wine.  I can't wait to see what Janet has in store for us in the future!

Cathi D., France Yoga Holiday Guest

In life we ought to search for teachers who bring us closer to our true center and help show us how powerful we can be.

This cannot be achieved without successfully joining our physical, spiritual, and emotional sides. Janet's passionate yoga instruction and lifestyle training have been instrumental to my health.

Thank you Janet.

Phill M., Yoga Student + Retreat Aficionado

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*fingers crossed our economic system remains intact

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