Let's grab a beverage ... 

Curiosity is my middle name.


After attending a number of higher learning institutions and having multiple careers, I realize how little I know.


I've an insatiable wanderlust and have been fortunate enough to live in 2 countries outside the USA. During my travels I have met some ahhmazing people. Hands down ... traveling is the best education money can buy.

I keep my life simple and my possessions minimal. Organization is one of my qualities.


I'm blessed with a gift of "seeing" stagnant energy in one's body and use it to assist people with their posture and

body awareness. 

My best friend is a fluffy butt sweet-as-pie feline named Santosha. He gets me.

Traditional allopathic doctors aren’t my lifestyle. Plant medicine and body work rock.


Along my journey there's been bruises and bumps and each time I manage to rub on arnica and keep movin'.

Jackfruit and crushed fermented grapes are my jam. I also drink celery juice, eat kale, and love french fries. 

Favorite Treasure: Sea Glass

Favorite Color: White