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Lunch Anyone?

Vegan Recipe

Staying focused on what seems to important to me at the moment, I created a dish ... with the exception of the sea salt ... where each item is grown locally and organic.  Everything was purchased Sunday at the local farmers market.  Yikes ... What am I going to do when it ends?  


white truffle oil - OMG is all I can say

yellow oyster mushrooms - so incredibly delicate

white shallots

scallion tops

tarragon - from my balcony herb garden

parsley - from my balcony herb garden + plant purchased @ farmers market

hydroponic lettuce

heirloom baby tomatoes

sea salt

Literally, three minutes from start to finish and it was gonzo!

What did you have for lunch today? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

Super Easy Peasy Vegan Lunch!

Copyright Janet Meredith. Written and originally published 03/03/11 via twisted-yoga.blogspot.

Photo by moi taken in Castelnau due Montmiral, France during a France Yoga Holiday that I organized and hosted.

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