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Pagan Waning Moon Fire Ritual

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

No, I wasn't wandering aimlessly through the woods ...

Saturday evening I happened upon a Pagan Waning Moon Fire Ritual.  No, I wasn't wandering aimlessly through the woods, I was at an event teaching a "seva" (volunteer) yoga class.  During a group tarot reading, the leader mentioned there would be a fire ceremony later that evening.  We gathered around a huge bonfire, held hands and invoked deities and spirits and angels and anything meaningful into our group to assist.  We welcomed the four elements; fire, water, air, and earth.  We danced nude and sang together.  As we gazed into the fire we were to think of a belief, pattern, or thought that was no longer serving us.  Once we did that, we chose a candle from a basket.  Clockwise around the circle we lit one another's candle.  Another prayer was cast.  Once we were clearly ready to let go, we tossed our lit candle into the fire and watched it burn away.  After the closing remarks I left ... with a glimmer of hope ... 

Rituals Have you ever attended a Pagan Waning Moon Fire Ritual? What was your experience? Please share your comment below!

Copyright Janet Meredith. Originally written and published 04/11/10 via twisted-yoga.blogspot.

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