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Florida. Or France. Or your dream location!

A completely customized retreat just for you.

Unplug and reboot.

Develop lasting friendships.

Activities, yoga, meals, etc.

During our time together, we'll dive deep below the surface to explore the true nature of asanas {it may not be what you think}.

Yoga Friends


100 Hour Immersions

My gift is seeing stagnant energy in the body and offering intuitive gentle adjustments.

Is downward dog your middle name?

Maybe you're shy, inflexible, a novice?

Or you're something in between ... nonetheless you want more pearly gems in your life!



Supporting people {just like you} on their personal path.

Find more freedom & balance through postures and philosophy.

Perfect for those with specific goals or injuries.

Side effects may include enhanced body awareness, clearer thoughts, and more restful sleep.


Janet is a dedicated and gifted yoga teacher. 

One of her major strengths is the ability to break down the poses into manageable components for the student to work on. 

Janet’s ability to teach this way makes yoga accessible for all different levels of ability. 

In addition she has training in alignment techniques and guiding those who have injuries. 

Janet also teaches in a way that is very welcoming and affirming for all her students.

Betsy D., Senior Yoga Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed your yoga classes this year! Thank you so much.
I appreciate and admire your careful attention to proper form and your knowledge of anatomy.

I have corrected several postures in my practice due to your instructions.
You are super sweet and have a wonderful personality!
Have a fantastic summer. I will miss you and your class, so PLEASE come back next year!

Staci M.., Yoga Rock Star Student

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